Bran is a cream-coloured female kitten who was borne of a stray cat, Bree, that we wanted to neuter at a construction site colony in Bendemeer. She suffered a short bout of the ‘flu 2 weeks ago and has since recovered fully, now ready for adoption!

Pictures taken by Furry Photos when she was 10 weeks old

Bran is healthy, vaccinated, vet-checked, litter-trained, receptive to discipline, dewormed, able to eat dry food on its own. She is now 13 weeks old.

Her personality is sweet – she is very quiet, undemanding, and loves to play all kinds of kitten games: toys, catching, running about, exploring.

Bran exploring a kitty treat bit

She is also smart – learned where she shouldn’t go when disciplined. Her best friend is Tango, who is up next for adoption, her foster brother that Bran’s mother helped to nurse (we initially thought Tango was a girl). Bran is very respectful of older kittens and cats and does not disturb them if they want to be left alone. She is also easy to handle and very even-tempered.

“Cooperate for photo shoot? Okays…”

If you wish to adopt Bran, please see right side bar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here.

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