Borne of a stray cat we wanted to neuter at Bendemeer Road’s construction site, Bree’s son – the only boy of three kittens she gave birth to – is ready for adoption!

He initially suffered a bout of the ‘flu after his first vaccination but has since recovered through supplements and a course of Vibravet antibiotics. His second booster vaccination would immunise him completely from the ‘flu. He no longer has any flu’ symptoms and is thus ready for a forever home!

Brulee, as taken by Furry Photos

Brulee is quite different from his sister Nana who is also available for adoption; Brulee is a kitty who likes being cuddled, and while curious, enjoys lounging about with humans more than crazy play. What we love most about him is that he likes to be carried and cuddled, even though he is a tiny bit of a shy boy.

He is also cream in colour as opposed to red – similar to his mother, and has a curly tail which is super cute. Currently 11 weeks old going on 12.

Light ‘orange’ colour like his mom

Enjoys human companionship

Curious but not hyperactive

Being a boy he is also bigger in size than his siblings, but he is not overly greedy like some of our other foster kittens! He is also not very vocal and is very patient during feeding times. Meows only when he needs something, and is otherwise a really ‘act-cool’ boy.

Brulee is litter-traiined, able to eat dry food on its own, dewormed, on Revolution, and has had his first booster vaccination.

To adopt Brulee, see right side bar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here.

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