Banana, sister of Bran and Brulee, is ready for adoption!

Nana is a really sweet girl. We say so because she is very respectful of the older cats in the house and graciously allows them to either hiss at her, or cuddle up with her and groom her. She would make an awesome addition to a family that already has pets.

When it comes to play, she is naturally very curious, as you can see from these photos taken by Furry Photos – 

Observing a wand-toy

Batting at the toy

She is a little shy and quiet but fond of strange humans, no social anxiety whatsoever. She likes being petted and stroked and enjoys sleeping next to humans in bed – she likes blankets and pillows! She is not crazy about hugs and is not a purring machine but enjoys being physically close to humans. She responds well to discipline too.

She is a red mackerel-spotted tabby female kitten, with a mid-length tail that has a kink at the end. She has beautiful dark red tabby markings, different than her siblings who are a lighter red in colour. She is currently 11 weeks old.

Nana’s picture profile!

She is litter-trained, dewormed, on Revolution, had her first vaccination, and free from sickness. She is able to eat dry food on its own.

If you would like to adopt Nana, please see ‘How to Adopt’ on our right side-bar under Nana’s photo, or see here.

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