Brulee was adopted yesterday!

Brulee went to his forever home with human parents Juliana (@juliegummy) and Yusof.

Brulee and his happy parents

Juliana and Yusof recently adopted a kitten, Belle, from SPCA. But found that she was a bit lonely on her own. So the concerned parents went looking for a playmate for her and liked Brulee’s personality for it matched Belle’s.

They of course also fell in love with handsome Brulee – here he is in his mommy’s lap showing his cute curly tail –

Brulee showing off his cute tail

Both parents are very involved in the care of their (now plural) cats, which is what we like. Oftentimes only one parent is involved in the caretaking and should that parent ever not be available, the cat gets neglected. We like these new parents and are happy for Brulee!

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  • Thank you Elaine! 🙂 Yusof has renamed Brulee to Bob, Bob the Cat 😉 We are so happy with Bob, so tickled by his antics and pink nose and paws. Bob is so manja…. He slept in my arms while I massaged his feet! Just have to work things out with Belle. She is still jealous and fierce with Bob. Fingers crossed that it will be ok soon! Thank you for your advice and help 🙂

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