Flu’ sickies: Simone, Winky and Brulee

Mild kitty flu’ but we are not taking any chances.

Simone recovered from a bout of flu’ one week ago, after a short course of Vibravet antibiotics which we had to put her on because herbal and nutraceutical supplements alone just weren’t able to help her beat the flu’ on her own. Then this week, her flu’ came back – this time around, no conjunctivitis, just sneezing and sniffling. So she is back on antibiotics for another week.

Simone, photo taken by Furry Photos

Also, last weekend when this photo shoot took place, we heard some wheezing from Tango, and promptly upped their herbal flu’ remedy supplements and the usual vitamin B, C, lysine and colostrum nutraceutical supplements. Tango is now clear of wheeziness. But Winky, her brother, came down with flu’ yet again.

Winky, winking

Winky is sneezy, and has a bit of eye discharge which goes away with saline irrigation and Terramycin. We will also be keeping an eye on Tango in case she shows symptoms of flu’ that just won’t go away too.

Brulee went for his vaccination with his sisters, Nana and Bran last Wednesday, and subsequently, developed symptoms of sneezing too. At first, we did hear one of them having some mild sniffling, but it escaped stethoscope-detection by both the vet and by us. Likewise, we upped their supplements in the hope their own immune system can fend itself from the flu’ but Brulee started sniffling a lot more instead, and sneezing, with clear mucous and eye discharge showing. So together with Simone and Winky, we started him on Vibravet antibiotics today too.

Brulee, the only boy in the litter

[In the meantime, the other sickies are recovering very well. Kit and Barley have stopped their diarrhoea and Rainy’s is clearing up. They are all still on Metrogyl antibiotics. Once they finish their course of antibiotics on Tuesday they can be adoptable again. (We don’t allow adopters to bring home sick kittens unless they are willing to cover the veterinary costs and care needed, or unless the condition is irrecoverable, which is why Rainy’s adopter is leaving Rainy in our care till she recovers). Echo has no flu’ or diarrhoea symptoms anymore too, just needs to continue her eye medication, and has finished her course of Baytril antibiotics. Kit and Echo are now free to roam (not Barley and Rainy because both are extremely difficult to medicate and will run when they see the pill popper / syringe). Yay to recovery of these sickies – now we can focus intensive care of the newly-recurred sickies.]

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