Forever home on Fathers’ Day!

Barley and Nana got adopted on Sunday by Ghani and family!

Happy family!

Barley and Nana are very good with children. Ghani’s wife’s family has 5 cats at home (all sterilised and indoors) but they have none of their own as a family. This is their first experience adopting from a rescue group instead of picking up a stray and to quote Ghani, “This adoption experience, very good eh, got vaccinations everything…” Well, sponsors of Nana and Barley – you made it happen!

When they all got home to Sembawang that night, Nana got on straightaway with her two human sisters. But Barley felt a little insecure and hid under the couch all night. Her dad spent the night on the couch to accompany her and we advised him to tempt her with canned food and to sit by the couch talking to her, not to force her out until she is ready. Well, as of today, she is back to her normal crazy self!

We are so happy for the family and for Barley and Nana to have found their ‘furever’ home. Here’s another parting shot of the family of two proud parents and now 4 girls!

Got Nana to look up, and Barley obviously distracted!

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