Following an appeal on Cat Welfare Society asking for fostering help for 5 abandoned kittens found ill in Woodlands, we got in touch with the kittens’ rescuer and took the kittens in on Sunday night.

Their rescuer is Ena, who rescued Ally, Emmy and Nelly late last year. The New Whiteys have the same colouring as Ally and siblings, and also have flu’. They also have diarrhoea, fleas, ear mites (which prompted us to put them and all the other foster cats on Revolution Pink immediately). This time around, they were abandoned much older than Ally and siblings were, which means this batch has a much better chance of survival.

The New Whiteys – 2 boys, 3 girls, and we haven’t named them yet because we still can’t tell them very well apart – are 10 weeks old. They are currently on medication and we also feed them nutraceutical and herbal supplements for their immunity, gastro-health and flu’. They are now in our Penthouse pen and aren’t allowed to roam because the diarrhoea they have is contagious.

Superb appetites despite diarrhoea though!
Very active, can’t stay still and pose!

Their flu’ is more or less under control – no mucus or fluid in respiratory tract except in one or two of them – which both are already improving in. But they still have inflamed eyes from conjunctivitis, some worse than others –

Eyes on saline and Terramycin

And they all have some grey spots around their heads, some have more grey than others.

This one has centre-parting!

For now we can’t tell them apart very well except that one of the boys is bigger and most cooperative with medication time! The rest aren’t such great kitty patients, and always kick and scratch us (thankfully we trimmed their nails the night they came, during their grooming) and look oh-so-poor-thing. But they are actually very playful kitties who love to meow at us, bat at, kick their toys, and climb the walls of the pen.

Will update on their progress as we continue their rehabilitation!

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