Kit and Bran got adopted yesterday!

“We has Mommy and Pappy now…”

Charmaine and Marq who live in Novena, are really loving parents to their resident three cats – Tiger, Chun Li and Kamen. Kamen is a playful boy but his sisters get irritated by his antics, and Kit -loves- older boy cats to play with. Bran on the other hand is very sweet and respectful of older cats and from what we observe of how Bran interacts with our own two older girl cats, would be a perfect fit for Charmaine and Marq’s two girls.

Charmaine specially took leave from work to integrate the cats with Kit and Bran, now named Koko and Kiki respectively. So far Kit has become a scaredy cat but Bran has been accompanying her and there are adequate safe places for Kit to hide in till she feels her alpha self ready to emerge. Bran on the other hand is very confident and the older cats while they hissed, Bran just has her way of showing her new older sisters she is not a threat.

We are very happy to report this wonderful family story!

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