Ang Mo Kio Industrial TNRM 15 July

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Block 4023 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1

On Friday we conducted the first round of TNRM for the cats of this industrial site’s colony.

First micro-site – alley between 4023-4

We trapped a total of 9 cats in this alley way behind Blk 4023. There are still about 2-3 more cats left at this micro-site yet to be trapped – they were hiding in the shops, the back doors of which faced this alley way.

Here are some of the cats we met before we trapped them for sterilisation.

A father and son pair
A tux that came out when we – food – arrived
The last cat we trapped that night, VERY hungry

And then we set the traps. It was very easy to trap them as they were all hungry. Below are some photos of the cats entering and inside the humane traps, lured by food.

“I smells foods.”
The ah-beng of this site decided: FOOD IS MINE

“OK so there was a catch to this food.”
Entranced by the food…

Seriously hungry for proper feline cuisine?

“Oh darn lemme out!”

We met some kittens, one of which was very scared of human contact and too young to sterilise. The others hid in the shops, even younger and still nursing (we did not trap their mom away from those young kittens). Here is the older kitten we saw –

“Is scared!”

We fed him while trapping his elders

Here are the mug shots of the 9 cats we trapped for neutering that night –

The black/white tux


Ah Beng – ginger/white






We are hoping to conduct round 2 of TNRM at this industrial park, in front of the block 4024 where there are 5-6 cats, and the remaining cats at the alley way here still unsterilised, about 2-3. Tentative date is next Sunday evening.

We also asked the cat feeder Martine to give us an accurate per-block-cat-count so we can accurately gauge how many cats are there spread out across this entire site. Our Sterilisation Volunteer LY is handling the liaison with Martine and we can plan out more accurately how many rounds are required to TNRM the entire site identified. So far we only know there are about 30 cats in total, but not sure how the colony is mapped out and if this number is entirely accurate. More updates soon!

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