Bandit is ready for adoption!

Ivory and white male kitten, now 11 weeks old

Bandit was found abandoned outside our doorstep in a cardboard box, all injured. It turns out he had wounds – probably from running around on hot concrete – on his paw pads and around his face.

We brought him to the vet the Wednesday after he was found. The vet said his paw pads were inflamed and had him placed on Clavulox antibiotics and his inflamed paw pads to be medicated and bandaged. Eventually he healed and was no longer in pain.

This week we brought him to the vet again for a follow-up check up and booster jab. He is a-okay! Cleared and ready for adoption.

“My paws be ok now! Can jump! Run also!”

Nevertheless, he has always been a curious boy. Even with the bandages on while he was rehabilitating, he would explore the house when he had his ‘yard time’ totally unencumbered. It did take some getting used to but we knew he was an explorer right from the start –

Now that he is totally healed, he runs and plays a lot, and prefers solo-exploring and running, with the occasional wrestle with other kittens.

Bandit about to pounce…

Bandit is a purring cat. Even when we had to medicate and bandage him, he would purr. Now when we pick him up, he purrs straightaway. He even purred at the vet’s!

He is very easy-going, confident and not overly attention-seeking. He is ivory and white in colour and has a cute bob-tail.

Side profile
“Humans say I must relax to take photo… huh?”

Bandit is litter trained, on Revolution, able to eat dry food on its own, vaccinated and vet-checked.

If you would like to adopt Bandit, please see right side-bar on ‘How to adopt‘ or read here.

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