Tango was adopted today!

Tango, the charismatic, playful boy was adopted by Samantha this afternoon!

Sammi and Tango

Samantha is a horse-trainer who lives at the turf club with 3 other cats, and of course, horses, and other animals too. Her apartment is cat-safe and she supervises the cats’ yard time in their enclosed garden. Her father occasionally lives with her as he is also a horse trainer.

Samantha’s cats are all rescues from the Turf Club area, where she has been sterilising the strays. She has two resident stray cats outside her block which she feeds as well. Two of her older cats are handi-capable – one is deaf and the other is 3-legged. Her youngest cat has no one who wants to play with him much so Tango is going to be his play mate.

So far we hear the confident Tango has already warmed up to his new house and gotten used to the place! This is great news!

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