Update – with pictures! – on the Whiteys from Woodlands

The Whiteys have been with us for about 2 weeks now and here is their progress.

Their flu’ has recovered! But not their diarrhoea. We put them on a second course of Metrogyl antibiotics but it didn’t yield much relief, so today as per our vet’s advice we switched them to Bactrim antibiotics instead. They remain on supplements for their immune systems, gastro-intestinal health and a touch of herbal flu’ remedy just to make sure their flu’ doesn’t recur. We also diffuse chamomile essential oil for them in the foster lounge to help soothe their tummies and speed up their recovery.

We have also named them! Yes, we can finally tell them apart, and their personalities too.

Because of their diarrhoea and lots of spitting going on during medication time, they need lots of grooming and today they just had another shower and full grooming session, so it was naturally picture time!

First up, the biggest boy, Aryan –


Aryan is the biggest of the lot, and is quite agreeable when it comes to medication time. He is also somewhat protective of his siblings.

The other boy in the lot, Napolean, who is more sickly, absolutely hates medicine; kicking, spitting – the whole lot. But he became very manja towards us after one night and started talking to us more since then. What happened was that he started looking pale and when we took his temperature and checked his vitals, realised he was a bit hypothermic. We warmed him up with reheatable pillows, blankets and a hot water bottle, and droppered him with coQ10 and glucose. After that, he became better. I think he felt somewhat thankful that we made him feel better after that ordeal. Now he doesn’t hate us so much because of the constant medicating. Here he is –


Next up is Ellis, the leader of the girls. She is really chatty, always leading the meow-parade. And like Aryan she is very agreeable and takes her medicine without much complaint. She is the one with the distinctive grey markings –


The remaining sisters are 2 prima donnas, Princess and Emma. Emma is slightly smaller in size and Princess has a ‘beauty spot’ of grey fur on her head like a supermodel.


Now, for all of them once again!

Stay still Aryan, take photo!
Napolean: “Is not yucky medicine time right?!”
Ellis agreed to a close up portrait shot
Princess being cuddled
Emma has a perpetual haughty frown!

We hope the Bactrim clears up their diarrhoea soon! Our vet says if it doesn’t work, they will culture their faeces at the clinic to find out what exactly is the bacteria that resists the antibiotics. The vet has also ruled out FIP and feline panleukopenia – all of them are active and have good appetites.

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