Ellis at 24 weeks old, taken by Furry Photos

One of the Whiteys is ready for adoption! It has been a long journey of rehabilitation for the Whiteys – with their initial multiple sicknesses when first found abandoned at 10 weeks old.

After they recovered and were off their antibiotics for about a week or so, they were sent for their first booster vaccinations. During the vet check our vet Dr Dawn Chong noted that the Whiteys were having teary eyes – nothing viral but needed to be tended to with saline irrigation and cleaning. Subsequently, Ellis recovered from her teary eyes first.

(As for the rest: Napolean, Emma and Princess are still having teary eyes which are clearing up slowly but surely, and Aryan is sneezy, an effect from vaccination which should clear up soon. We don’t place kittens on Adoption Alert until they are completely rehabilitated.)

We knew all along she was a very cooperative, vocal and independent girl. But we also discovered she is a hardcore couch cat! –

Her distinctive grey markings, like centre-parted hair

Super alert ever ready for a conversation

Enjoying a catnap on the couch

OK she really really likes the couch

Ellis has a unique style of being affectionate with humans. She doesn’t cover us with kisses like her new BFF Echo, or Winky. She likes to talk, and lick us. A lot. And follow us around especially when food and conversation are involved, rubbing herself between our legs and purring. Like in this video (taken before her teary eyes cleared up) –

Ellis also gets along with other kittens, though she prefers to hang out or do her ’rounds’ alone, sometimes scolding them if they disturb her while she is doing her own agenda, and occasionally sleeping next to Echo. She is respectful of older cats too. She is responsive to discipline about house rules – no jumping on foster lounge table etc. and is food-motivated (she likes human Elaine more because that’s her ‘food source’!). She is very cooperative with medication and grooming; can be carried any which way, though she doesn’t really enjoy hugs for long periods of time.

To adopt Ellis, see right side bar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here to find out how.

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