How IDEAL is ideal? About our foster care threshold

We previously blogged about our standards of foster care and thank you to those who gave us the thumbs-up on our quality care and thanks for the advice on supplements and aromatherapy.

Our ideal maximum threshold is 12 to 16 foster cats in total. This is a maximum range, and is a range because rescues come in groups of various numbers. It is also a maximum, which means that running at the rate of 12 to 16 kittens to care for over a long period, especially if there are sick ones, becomes very tiring for the humans behind the scene.

The ideal threshold would be anything significantly lower than 12 foster cats, and for a longer period than say, a day (often a kitten gets adopted in the same day a new arrival comes to us).

We are now at 11 cats, and have been for quite a while. Truth be told, Elaine and Andy are very tired, and are on the verge of burn-out if we haven’t already crashed.

How you can help:

Spread the news on the kittens for adoption: Winky, Simone and Echo. August is historically a difficult time for adoptions. Also, the odds are against these three girls because they are already around 6 months of age and perceived as ‘less cute’. Even harder so for Echo who looks less pretty on the outside than she truly is on the inside.

Become a fosterer. If you can foster and oversee adoption process on behalf of Love Kuching from your own home, that would ease our burden. Briefing will be given, as will the paperwork, and food and litter supplies.

By helping us actively in either of the two above ways, you can help us go the longer journey as team Love Kuching. Do think of the kitties needing care and homes at our humble foster home in Ubi.

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