TNRM at Geylang Bahru round 2

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As a continuation of our TNRM round at Blk 68 Geylang Bahru, we went to adjoining block 66 on Friday just before midnight to trap and neuter the cat colony there. This colony is marked on our initial recce (mistakenly as Blk 64 not 66) and there were more cats than we initially counted. We trapped a total of 7 cats that night at Blk 66.

Blk 66

One of the cats spotted before we began trapping

Another one

This girl loved weaving between and under cars

And so the trapping began. The block has 4 sides to it so we started in the carpark where these cats were spotted.

Trap laid, cat enticed

Cat enters trap to eat food

Trap door closes when cat steps on pressure-trigger

Then we set out to trap the others – the calico girl that loves cars:

Setting the trap

Girl cat enters; was successfully trapped

Also we went to the other side of the carpark to trap one black kitty.

Loner boy!

Afterwards, we went to the front of the block, at the void deck, where there were 2 cats.

‘Letterbox’ cat

A cross-Siamese

Our final mission was to trap 2 cats that hangs out at – horrors – the second floor of the block. Corridor cats are most often complained about, but pest control usually traps the downstairs cats when sent to ‘deal with’ the problem. Hence we wanted to trap the corridor cats and release them downstairs when neutered. Unfortunately we could only find one of the 2nd floor cats.

Going up the second floor

The lift landing where the cats hang out

Successfully trapped one of the 2nd floor cats

Here are the mug shots of the cats we trapped that night –




We also did a recce of the number of remaining cats at Blk 68 and found that there was only one cat there left – one that eluded our traps the whole night when we went to trap there. So we do not have to return there for another round of TNRM. This means that our initial plan of 2 rounds in this locale is not going to spill over to 3 rounds and we can save the funds in our Sterilisation Fund for our next couple of projects (more will be revealed when reconnaissance is done).

For this round of TNRM at Blk 66 Geylang Bahru, the cost was $360 (more males than we expected). We will scan and publish the receipts for both rounds of TNRM conducted at this location when we receive the second bill today.

Thank you to those who contributed to our Sterilisation Fund! We now have a comfortable buffer to help more stray cats in need, save them from culling and needless reproduction.

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