Simone has been adopted by Syahidah (@casshada) and family, just last night! Our tricoloured princess is now renamed Shilla  and had instantly bonded with  Syahidah’s dad, sitting on the couch next to him last night and waiting to be stroked by him. And yes, we did instruct them that Simone must be carried like a baby, the way she likes it! –

Syahidah and Simone

Simone has a cat-safe house to go to, and when Syahidah is at work, Dad will be at home taking care of her, as will her brothers. Syahidah will also be in charge of ordering and paying for Simone’s necessities, and her vet visits.

Simone, now Shilla’s new family!

Simone’s new family live just across the street from us at Bedok Reservoir Road, and we have recommended that Simone sees the same vet she has been at for her vet-checks – which is nearby for them too!

We are happy that Simone got adopted!

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