Slinky, our Feline Founder, and her encounter with gum disease

Slinky recently exhibited symptoms of what we thought was peridontitis, an irreversible gum disease. She refused to let us check her mouth, and exclaimed in pain when we touched her left cheek. She also started to eat less fervently, sometimes staring at the food bowl and not eating. All these are signs of gum disease of some kind. Because we couldn’t check her gums on our own – not recommended to do at home as it will be very painful if there is pus – we brought her to the vet.

Slinky, as photographed by Furry Photos

When we went to the vet, thankfully Slinky only had advanced gingivitis in her molar areas. There was no structural damage (peridontitis causes that) so no x-ray was needed. Her teeth were clean, no calculus i.e. plaque and tartar buildup which we believe is due to her mainly kibble diet and our brushing of our cats’ teeth. Phew, the vet cleared Slinky of most of our worries and saved us poor cat owners some dosh!

Slinky was given an anti-inflammatory jab of Depredil and a 10 day course of antibiotics – a blend of spiramycin and metromedizole called Stomogyl. Spiramycin is an antibiotic specific for mouth and gum problems. Pilling Slinky hasn’t been easy!

We also learned about a new gum disease. We mentioned in our tooth-brushing post about gingivitis and peridontitis but there is another one, apparently also quite common. It is called ensinophilic gingivitis stomatis, related to lmyphomatic/plasmacytic gingivitis stomatitis. This disease causes a recurring case of what Slinky went through, and requires regular Depredil jabs. Its behaviour is similar to seasonal allergies, not always there but happens regularly in bouts.

We hope Slinky’s case is a one off one and not ensinophilic! Will be monitoring her – she has been eating well again, and no longer hurts and yowls when we touch her cheeks. Then we will be resuming tooth-brushing for her to keep gingivitis at bay.

In the meantime, us pet owners go paranoid about it all. So yes, we know what you go through when your own pet gets sick!

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