TNRM on Sunday – Eunos MRT carpark

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We were alerted to a new colony of cats that appeared in front of Eunos MRT where there is a carpark. Our volunteers went to recce the situation and found that there are at least 6 cats there that are unsterilised. We suspect they are victims of recent abandonment.

Area marked with a ‘P’ is where the carpark is situated

We will be conducting a TNRM trapping session tomorrow evening at 7pm to get these cats sterilised. At the same time we may also send a couple of new cats in Ubi along to get sterilised too.

Here are the pics of the Eunos MRT carpark cats.

Male tabby white
Another tabby white

There is a group of 3 mature kittens who are very elusive and scared of humans.

Trying to get close to the 3 kittens
2 of the 3 elusive kittens

We hope we manage to trap all of them tomorrow!

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