Orphan kitties found at Lengkong Empat

This is the story of Sal and Bailey, 2 orphan kittens found in a box on Monday, by a dog owner walking her dogs at Lengkong Empat.

Rescuer initially brought them home but found that she couldn’t handle taking care of them – at age of discovery they were about just over 3 weeks old – and sent them to SPCA. Bailey has flu’ and SPCA’s protocol is to euthanise all cats with flu’ to prevent outbreak.

Thankfully the rescuer is a friend of our volunteers, who called SPCA just before the vet made his rounds, and they went to collect Sal and Bailey from SPCA to bring them to ours. Hence their names – Sal for salvation, Bailey for being bailed out.

They are now in our ICU pen, reserved for emergency orphan kittens. Doing very well too! Bailey’s flu’ is getting better, they have learned to eat wet food, and with the ICU heating pad they seem to rest well and recuperate nicely.

When they arrived on Tuesday based on their teeth growth we aged them to be 3 and a half weeks old, so they should be about 4 weeks old now. However, they are very small in size for 4 weeks of age even though they are eating well.

Here are photos of Sal and Bailey, taken on Wednesday. (Bailey’s eye has improved since then already!)

Sal, the boy

Eyes still blue, about 4 weeks old now…
,,, but very small and skinny for their age, especially Sal
Size relative to hand at 25 days old
Still has kitten fuzz!
Sal says enough of the photos!!!

 Next up is Bailey –

Bailey had conjunctivis in one eye
Third eyelid showing
Very chubby regardless!
Also still has her kitten fuzz

Enjoying herself in the warm ICU pen

Bailey is getting better with her flu’ and the two siblings are progressing in their weaning – able to eat moistened kibbles already. If their recovery and weaning keeps up they should be available for adoption soon!

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