Product review: Taste of the Wild Canyon River

We received a gift of 3 sample packs from our corporate sponsor The Water Dish of this wonderful new formula of Taste of the Wild last month. So we put it to the taste test and saw how the cats reacted to it!

The difference between the new Canyon River formula and the usual Taste of the Wild we feed our cats (and the free-roaming foster kittens who share our cats’ food) is that instead of venison and smoked salmon, they are using trout and smoked salmon. There is still a chicken base protein source in both of them, but the Canyon River formula is likely to appeal to cats who like fish more than venison. (Yes, cats can be picky over the two).

As usual when it comes to food we look at our pickiest eater, Sayang. She decides the food choice in the house for the four of our cats. Sayang took to Canyon River in a wow-ee way! She went for second helpings even though she usually eats very little in the first place. Slinky, who eats everything, was fed this when she was having her gum problem, and she couldn’t resist it and ate it despite her healing gums.

The foster kittens like all kinds of food – we train them not to be too picky, so they take to it as per normal food. Which means it isn’t yucky – some foods we try sampling on foster kittens, even how well trained they are, they don’t eat it. 

So – taste test – picky cats and greedy cats alike, like this Canyon River formula!

It is already available on The Water Dish website so try out a small pack, or ask for a sample pack with your next order to test it out. We usually try testing new foods out as treats, before putting it in a bowl to see if they eat it. Taste of the Wild tends to give big sample packs, one pack fills a good sized cat bowl.

We also reckon that it can be alternated between the regular formula as well, for variety, without causing much stomach upset as food changes usually do because the other base ingredients are the same. Still, if alternating food, always change it slowly.

Have fun trying out the new Canyon River!

(The humans? Good cat food tastes bland to us because there is no salt and sugar added. So what do we know? Let the cats decide!)

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