Adoptions that ended off October!

Princess, Aryan and Ellis got adopted!

Eva with Princess, and Shah

Princess got adopted by Shah and Eva on the 19th! Both of them cat-proofed their house even before they came to see Princess and really fell in love with her – the connection was tangible. Eva is actually allergic to cats but loves Princess very much. She manages her allergies by controlling the length of her interaction with Princess at home. Shah also mentioned they are considering upgrading Princess to Wellness CORE food – which is a superb food upgrade! Looks like Princess is really getting the princess treatment at her forever home!

Hwa and Issac with Aryan

Aryan was adopted by Issac and Hwa on the 20th! This couple looks familiar, aye – that’s because they are Bob’s adopters! They were deciding on a younger sibling for Bob and we felt that either Winky or Aryan would be suitable; Echo is very hyper and Bob being a little physically challenged might not be able to keep up. Winky is playful too but she is small in size, thus manageable for Bob, and likes to initiate play with other kittens. Aryan is very easy going with other kittens and while naughty too, also likes to take care of other kitties. In the end, we left Winky and Aryan in the room with Issac and Hwa, and Aryan went to bond with them while Winky ignored them and walked around the foster lounge instead! And that’s how Bob now has a younger brother!

Jahan with Ellis and hubby Din

Ellis was adopted on the 22nd by Jahan and Din! Jahan said she loves cats that talk and follow you around so Ellis is literally perfect for this new kitty mom! Ellis was a bit scared when she went to her new home, but eventually warmed up and started waking her new mom and dad up by her usual style – climbing on top of you and meowing at you (sometimes licking too)! Din himself is a first time cat owner so we did advise him to take an active role in Ellis’s care and in learning about cat care. This is important as sometimes in couples adopting, when one is not available, the other needs to step up to ensure the cat is being cared for. So far Ellis has been doing well in her new home and we are happy for all three of them!

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