Bailey, feisty survivor kitten, now looking for a forever home!

Bailey wants to rule the world! Or at least, your home!

Okay, so she does have her docile moments.

Posing for a portrait

Eyeing a target…
…Inspecting her target, our Scooter!

But she definitely has an “I’m plotting some mischief” face on her very often!

“Yum. What’s next?”
“I have a plan to rule the world. Don’t bug me.”
“Kissy kiss? Let me think about it.”

And you can guess what happened after these images were captured…

Get ready…
Prone self…
Practise how to scale ‘wall’
Attack! “I don’t care how big you are!”

Bailey was rescued from Kembangan at the age of just over 3 weeks old. Her rescuer didn’t know how to care for her and her brother Sal so she sent them to SPCA. At the time, Bailey was having cat flu’ which usually means euthanasia for them at SPCA. So our volunteers bailed them out and brought them to ours. Unfortunately, Bailey’s brother Sal was very small and weak and he died of fading kitten syndrome (FKS).

With immunity supplements, flu’ remedies and topical application of Terramycin to her runny eyes, Bailey recovered from the flu’ and got vaccinated at the age of 9 weeks old. Since then she has suffered no post-vaccination symptoms.

We also trained her to eat dry food on its own, as well as drink water from a bowl. Now she no longer needs canned food throughout the day! Bailey is also very smart: she started using the litter tray from the day she came to our foster home and hasn’t stopped since.

Bailey may be playful and cheeky looking but she also has her moments of affection. She helps groom her pen-mate Lenny who is a month younger than she is. She also purrs on human contact when she isn’t longing to jump around and play instead. (But yeah, she definitely prefers play right now). She likes to play alone and with other kittens and cats, and she loves to climb and explore.

Bailey is now 10 weeks old, vet-checked and vaccinated, dewormed, free of fleas and mites, litter trained, able to eat and drink on own.

To adopt Bailey, see right side bar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here to understand our adoption procedure.

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