Orphan kitties, no shelter space, Twitter, and a foster parent emerges

Last week we received a call from Gerald and Nicole about a few 2 week old kittens they found orphaned at East Coast Park. They called us to ask if we could shelter and rehabilitate them but we couldn’t – Lenny was having the flu’ (his siblings have passed away, Gerri had severe flu’ before she died). Lenny’s pen, the ICU with a heated pad, is the pen we use to keep baby kittens in, and getting the rescues to share the pen with Lenny and Bailey, would either kill the rescues or jeopardise Lenny and Bailey’s health.

So we had to give our standard response to the couple who found them, explaining we couldn’t shelter them, that their best bet was to go through Cat Welfare Society’s Special Appeals for fosterers – which has a very high response rate (kudos to the cat angels).

I then also shared the situation on my own personal account on Twitter, and one of our Twitter followers Aishah who also follows me on my account, said she didn’t mind fostering the babies, although she couldn’t keep them and will be rehoming them. Immediately I linked up Gerald with Aishah so he could have another alternative to solving the rescues’ fostering situation.

Turns out, cat-loving passers by had offered to take in one each of the kittens and only one little boy was left. Aishah took over the fostering of the little boy the next day.

He kept mewing when he first arrived
Tabby kitten with white socks
Was quite frail when he first arrived

Aishah tweeted that the little boy was refusing milk at first and also didn’t poop or pee for nearly 2 days until after his foster mommy kept up with stimulating him to eliminate. He also has fleas which they are using a flea comb to help get out. Have told Aishah also that if she needed any foster care supplies she can come around get some of ours. So far she has been doing an amazing job!

We are glad this story turned out well. It is noble of Aishah to respond to my tweet about a case we couldn’t take on, and offered herself as a foster parent instead. And wow Twitter followers – you guys are really hardcore and make a huge difference!

Eventually, when this little boy can be weaned off milk, do contact Aishah over Twitter if you are interested to adopt. He will also be posted on CWS adoption site when he is ready. (Unless Aishah’s parents fall in love with the little kitty and allows him to become a part of the family. It happens!)

Hope this inspiring story makes you want to be a foster parent too!

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