Cat-less? Consider adopting Napolean

Napolean came to us at 10 weeks old having bad flu’ and diarrhoea. He and his siblings were found dumped below a HDB block in this condition. Napolean was one of the weakest, having fluid in his respiratory tract. We named Napolean, adapted from Napoleon, because though he was weak, we wanted him to become strong.

There was an incident when we nearly lost Napolean. He started going into hypothermia and showed signs of anaemia. We immediately applied first aid on him – giving him glucose, and coQ10 for his heart to function, and warmed him up. Thankfully, he didn’t need IV fluids and he recovered. Since then, Napolean’s attitude towards us humans even changed. He hated us at first because all we did was push pills and syringes into his mouth. But after this incident, he began to love us a lot.

We did not put Napolean up for adoption earlier than this because the boy constantly exhibited flu’ symptoms from time to time – after vaccinations, after his sterilisation operation. Which was normal, until he started making other – vaccinated – kitties sick, all at the same time. He was shedding a mutated flu’ virus, and we and our vet concluded that Napolean is a chronic flu’ carrier and needed to be isolated. It broke our hearts to quarantine him, but we had to. The entire foster home was disinfected and we treated the sick kitties.

In order for Napolean to no longer be caged up, he needs to get adopted by a cat-less family. He will continue to shed the various flu’ viruses throughout his life, so he can’t have any kitty siblings. Apart from this, he is perfectly normal. Sometimes his eyes may tear a little, sometimes he may sneeze, but other than that he is a normal kitty. And no, humans can’t catch cat flu’.

He loves to talk to people, and loves humans more than cats. He enjoys being carried, and purrs a lot. He is white with a few stray grey hairs on his head, has a long tail with a kink.

If you would like to give Napolean your home, see right side-bar under ‘How to adopt‘, or read here to find out how.

Napolean is likely to have to stay with us for a long time. To help us sustain our care for him while we find him a home, consider becoming a monthly giver. This will carry up our resources to care for him and other overstayers as long as is needed.

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  • Hi, we are a cat-less couple, but we might also want to adopt a dog depending on how we adjust to a cat first. Will Napolean's cat-flu be transmittable to dogs?

  • Hello! Nope, feline flu' viruses are not the same strains as canine flu' ('kennel cough') viruses. After you adopt, you can also consult his attending vet for any questions regarding any kind of transmittable diseases when you get a dog as well (there are very few).

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