Our own cats have suddenly developed flu’ symptoms at the same time even though they are vaccinated, mainly Slinky and Sayang. Normally, if only one cat shows symptoms of cat flu’, it is considered normal because vaccinations are not 100% effective. However because two of our cats got flu’ symptoms at the same time, we investigated because this is not likely a coincidence.

After researching and consulting with our vets there are two possible scenarios. One, is that they caught a strain of cat flu’ known as bordetella, which is not covered under the core vaccinations. Vaccination covers three strains of cat flu’: herpes virus, calici virus and chlamydia virus. The second possibility that our vets is that this flu’ outbreak is a mutated strain of either herpes, calici or chlamydia.

In any case, this calls for a lockdown so we can contain whatever virus strain it is.

In the meantime, we are treating Slinky with antibiotics (she is suffering worse than Sayang is). Bordetella is easily eradicated with antibiotics (Vibravet i.e. doxycycline).

And as in all ‘epidemics’ who is Patient Zero?

Napolean, whom we suspected is a chronic flu’ carrier. If it is bordetella or a mutation, it might mean he isn’t a chronic carrier and can remain flu’ free for much of his life.

Breaking out lots of detergent, bleach, antiseptic solution and suchlike during lockdown. Keep your thoughts with us!

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