Our #Caturday adoptions

Marcel was due to go up on Adoption Alert last week because he was officially cleared of sickness. But before he went up on the internet, he got adopted, with Winky! One of our long-term shelter kittens! Winky has had a string of bad luck, somehow she never met the right adopter, till Saturday came along!

Bena and Sonia with Marcel and Winky

Bena and Sonia already have one kitty at home, also adopted, called Rosie. Rosie has been a bit lonely so her parents wanted to get a friend for her. Which turned out to be two friends! They liked Marcel and Winky because both are not overly aggressive – Rosie is a very sweet-tempered cat.

Winky was at the time on medication for feline asthma, triggered by the cold and humid weather. We passed Sonia her medication to continue her treatment at her new home. They also see the same vet as we do so they can better understand her condition.

We are so happy for the family!

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