More Geylang food district TNR needed

Investigation and reconnaissance of the next couple of lorongs in Geylang from our last site shows a great need for TNR for the stray cat colonies there. We need to act on one particular colony, fast.

Once again, to clarify we are not publicly announcing which particular lorong this is because this is a volatile area with high culling risk. Here are some pictures taken during the recce.

We couldn’t capture all the cats on photos as it is a very dark alley. Upon manually counting the number of cats, the total was 17 in this alley alone. There is an elderly feeder who feeds the cats food scraps from the coffeeshop he works at nearby, on a nightly basis. He estimates the number of cats should be about 20. This colony is the largest by far in the Geylang food district. There are about 9-14 more cats in the next 2 lorongs which we will need to work on as well, but this colony requires much more immediate action.

About 3 rounds of trapping will be needed for this colony. The soonest we can conduct trapping and neutering would be after the Chinese New Year holiday.

But we need your help. As of now, our Sterilisation Fund stands at only $247.20 which is insufficient to conduct our first round of trapping. This is especially since we will need to neuter the pregnant females first and foremost. (It costs $60 to neuter a pregnant female cat). An estimate of about two-thirds of the cats in this lorong are females, many of them pregnant.

What you can do:
Give financially towards our Sterilisation Fund by depositing to our Love Kuching bank account 188-52652-7 and text/email Elaine at 90880675/ to inform us that your gift is towards the neutering of these stray cats.

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Thank you for helping us help the stray cats of Geylang’s food district.

Give financially to our cause by depositing to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7  
Sponsor a foster kitten’s vaccination through our Sponsor-A-LoveKuching-Cat Scheme
Give food at charity rates through our corporate sponsor The Water Dish 

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