Message on behalf of Echo: “It be my birthday soon…

… I be turning 1 human year old!
The humans want to celebrate for me when I become adult cat. For I is now kitten. When become older cat, is special. I am already special, say the humans. But celebrate birthday for become adult cat is also special. So I is very very special kitty!
Humans also tell me very many times that I need to leave this foster home and go to forever home. I have no forever home to go to yet, so Auntie Elaine says I must make many humans know about me so they be adopt me and I can has my very own humans to rub and purr and knead on everyday.
So for my birthday we is be have online party. For online party can spread far to many humans and more will know how much I love humans and want a real home. This way also humans who cannot come and see me to give me my favourite Angel Salmon Treats can never mind see me online through video and tweets-picktures.
I will be tweeting on @luvkuching using hashtag #echochats and Auntie Elaine is will stream video of me doing things like sleeping which you can see also on the twitter. This will happen next weekend. Because actually neither the humans (nor I myself even though is very clever) know when exactly is my birthday, so they choose weekend.
(Thinking of my birthday)
If you is want to visit me, you must first contact Auntie Elaine through SMS or Whatsapp at 90880675. Because she be need to tell Uncle Andy to clean the foster home before you come.  Most weekday nights after 8pm and weekends after 1pm is be okay. You may also appear on the video!
Presents? Me wants to have humans to rub, knead and purr on, and take me home forever. So is want you to share to many friends who are also humans about me, because I am special.
But in meanwhile, we share everything in this house, so can give food, everycat can eat. We be like the expensive canned food actually but is be expensive so we not always have. Foods like Addiction Turkey, Addiction Duck, Wellness CORE Chicken. We likes. We also likes the Taste of the Wild, can also be the fish flavour one. But if you not want to give expensive foods is okay because eat the normal ones also can.
If you want to give human money to Love Kuching Project also ok. It is will go to our Veterinary Fund, because I be very sick when was young and sick kittens be need medicine which is very yucky but important. Medicine for us foster kitties is buy with Veterinary Fund. Also when we see our nice doctor, human Dr Dawn.
Thank you for reading my message!”

To share, click the buttons below to share through your preferred medium. To give food, you can buy through The Water Dish by emailing or call Maxine 9685 3929 and they can deliver to us. If you would like to come over personally to meet and play with Echo and her foster siblings, as Echo has said, contact us at 90880675 to fix a time and which day next weekend. If you would like to give to our Veterinary Fund, make a deposit to POSB savings 188-52652-7 and contact Elaine @ 90880675 / to specify that your gift is for the Veterinary Fund.

Give financially to our cause by depositing to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7    
Sponsor a foster kitten’s vaccination through our Sponsor-A-LoveKuching-Cat Scheme    
Give food and litter at charity rates through our corporate sponsor The Water Dish 

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