Update on small Lenny

Lenny is now 23 weeks old, and is still down with flu’ which he had developed since he was 4 weeks old. This is why he is still not available for adoption. While his flu’ symptoms have alleviated through both oral and topical medications, supplements, and alternative remedies, the flu’ viruses don’t seem to go away. Between us and our vet we have tried 2 kinds of antibiotics, various lengths of courses, but nothing has really worked. We are currently controlling his symptoms with eye drops and nose drops. As you can see in the photo below Lenny still has watery eyes and nose that is just a bit too runny.

Photos courtesy of Kevin Lee, Cake Images LLP
Recurring teary eyes

This week, we brought Lenny for his first vaccination. Usually, sick kittens are not vaccinated until they are healthy, but because Lenny has on and off flu’ all this while, our vet’s advice was to get him vaccinated nonetheless.

Lenny is also going to start next week on a new antibiotic, azrithomycin, since he didn’t respond as well to the previous types of antibiotics.

Regardless, Lenny is a really affectionate and talkative kitten. He eats a lot and drinks water well. He enjoys playtime very much and really loves humans a lot. He is undersized for his age, growth probably stunted by all the sickies, but that doesn’t daunt him at all when he wants food or cuddles!

Lenny loves kisses, a LOT

Paws crossed that his new medication works! In the meantime, we are still boosting his diet with supplements to boost his own immune system.

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