The Story of Salmon the Red Tabby Kitty

 “Am a really shy boy. Mew.”

Salmon came to our foster home with his brother and his sister a while back. They were rescued from a busy intersection at Grange Road where their own mother had already died in a traffic accident.

Unfortunately, all three of them were feral. This meant that, if they couldn’t be socialised as domestic pets, the humane solution was that they would have to be neutered and released. Thus began our socialisation process.

We fed them calming supplements like St John’s Wort, tryptophan; we used aromatherapy to calm them. We did a lot of cat-whispering – essentially just talking and posturing in cat language. We gave them hugs and used touch therapy. At first they were very violent and us humans got injured badly by their bites and scratches. Then we got to a point where they would merely hiss at us and back off whenever we approached. After that, the socialisation progress came to a standstill. Only Salmon seemed receptive.

Salmon’s brother and sister were neutered and released in Ubi, where there are feeders (there weren’t any where they were rescued from), cat-friendly coffeeshops, and most of all, away from a busy intersection. Salmon’s sister was especially ecstatic when we released her.

The three of them were extremely healthy with strong immune systems. So when Salmon stayed behind, we introduced him to a friend – Napolean. This was a calculated decision: Napolean had all the traits of a great house cat – vocal, purring, affectionate, loves human contact. Salmon was likely healthy enough to fight whatever flu’ viruses Napolean might shed. We monitored Salmon closely – no signs of flu’ since introduction, till today, he remains healthy. The best part was, Salmon now is very much like Napolean: friendly, like hugs, purrs in response.

Salmon remains an intraverted kitty. He gets scared of sudden loud noises, and has a great need for security. But he is officially a suitable house cat. Once he gets to know you, he will communicate with you with rubs and purrs! And yes you can hug him!

Shy Salmon with human Elaine

As of this post, Salmon is around 26 weeks old, neutered, vaccinated, litter trained. He is a dark red mackeral tabby with a long tail and Oriental features.

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Photos courtesy of Kevin Lee of Cake Images

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