We are really sorry we haven’t been online much. We know we pretty much live online through our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Interacting with all of you is a joy to us. But it has been hard of late, because we are experiencing burnout.

We have read about this syndrome. Being burnt out while working in the animal rescue industry is a common, worrying phenomenon. We never expected it to happen to us, really, but it did.

It started to go downhill when Calipod passed away.

Her tumour had caused the vein that is close to it, to rupture, spurting out blood everywhere. She likely died because of the loss of blood. We could not make it to the 24hour vet in time, deteriorating badly in the cab. CPR was performed and we made it to Calipod’s old home in Geylang where she took her last breath.

We miss her.

Burnout syndrome in the animal rescue industry is caused by events like these. Regardless of knowing inside you that you did your best and that death is inevitable, it still saps a bit of life of you.

Apart from Calipod’s death, we also are demoralised by the lack of enquiries about adopting the rescue cats on our adoption alert. Our Adoption volunteer, Imran is busy refresshing ads on the cats for adoption but there are simply too many cats and too few adopters calling in.

Inundated instead by emails and calls about rescued cats needed help, needing a space in our foster home, where we have to say no because cats are not being adopted and making space for new ones. Add burnout to the mix, and we really are so fatigued we cannot take in newbies for now. And having to say no to rescue cats is demoralising in itself.

How do we shake ourselves out of this fatigue? The recommended strategy, time out to do something else and explore new experiences. We are trying. Give us some time.

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