We will be back from a short break, very soon. Promise.

Sorry we haven’t been around for the past 2 weeks. Human Elaine was in the hospital, and Slinky our Feline Founder fell even more ill than she already was. She has FIV.

We will resume blogging as soon as possible as Elaine needs to recover after returning from hospital also. Meanwhile, here is a little nugget on FIV:

“FIV transmission is mainly through the bloodstream and therefore is primarily passed from cat to cat through bite wounds.That explained why no one else in my cat household caught it because they never bit each other. Cats that live together don’t generally bite each other hard enough to break the skin even when in rough play.”

This however does not relate to foster cats as truly, because fosters are entering a new environment and with that and stress they may attack other cats. This is why we try to avoid situations where we have to take in a foster cat with FIV.

Thank you all who have gathered in a #pawcircle for Slinky on Facebook and Twitter. On her new meds, Interferon, she is eating better. Currently her weight has already dropped to 2kg only. Her liver and kidney functions are fine.

This is a reminder to all of you who have cats that are 8 years and older, their veterinary visits should be twice yearly from this age onwards. Slinky is still able to move about, use the loo, jump (slowly) and come to us for affection. Not in pain. Regular vet checks will make sure anything wrong will be caught early, not late. 

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