We are deliberating on letting Salmon become a stray kitty again, because he is not only not getting any adoption queries, he is too intraverted. He unlikely to bond well with humans which may make him a permanent shelter cat otherwise. Salmon is good at bonding with other cats and with asking humans for food, he is likely to survive as a stray cat. We will be releasing him in Ubi behind our block so we can keep an eye on him.

Chanel got adopted! Will blog her new family’s pictures soon. So glad she has found her forever home! Times have been tough with finding adopters. Every cat has been and still is awaiting.

Lenny will be made available for adoption as a special needs cat. He is likely to have chronic flu’ / wheezing despite having been on inhaler therapy. He survives well ans does not seem bothered by his occasiona runny nose. We hope some human will be fine with that too.

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