[Special Kitty Alert] Lenny needs a proper forever home

[Photos courtesy of @furryphotos]

If you have followed us on Lenny’s journey since he arrived at our foster home, you will know he has always been sniffly: he has chronic flu’. This means that since he contracted flu’ when he was 4 weeks old, he has been sick with it till today. It has been more than a year. All his siblings did not survive it but Lenny did and is still going strong.

The latest medication we have tried for him is via an inhaler. It has not improved him much but it helps clear his nose so it won’t be clogged. We eventually took him off it and accepted that he will always have a slightly runny nose. Also, the medication is not cheap, not OTC, and the chamber that makes a human inhaler usable for cats is expensive too. We can’t give ours away when he goes to a new home because we only have one and will need it for other cats in future. All this would hinder his prospects of getting adopted should it be a compulsory medication.

Cute nose that will always be a bit clogged

So, if you have always loved Lenny, the options are: (1) accept a runny-nosed cat in your home, (2) be willing to get and administer daily medication to alleviate his runny nose.

All the above probably seems offputting to any adopter but we need potential parents to know this before they decide to take in Lenny.

“I haz a sickie, will yew still luvs me?”

That aside, Lenny has a great personality. He is courageous, loves all humans (yes kids too), loves to play, independent yet gets along with other cats. He enjoys sitting near humans, rubbing his cheek against us, and talking to us with his distinctive meow. When we call him, he responds. He doesn’t climb furniture he shouldn’t, and responds well to toys and food, which made him easy to train.

Lenny LOVES teaser toys
Likes playing on his own too

He is a white and tabby cat with a mid-length tail. He is a ‘teacup’ cat, meaning he doesn’t look his size for his age. At present he looks like he is about 9 months old but is actually already over a year old. He is not likely to grow up to be a big cat.

Size of a kitten, sensibility of an adult cat

More about Lenny’s chronic flu’: He can be adopted by families who already have cats, because vaccinations will protect the other cats. All the other cats in our foster home are flu’-free. Care for him can be as simple as wiping his nose when it is runny, or if you want to, using the inhaler medication on him once every day (we will advise you how to get the medication and inhaler chamber).

In love with Lenny already? To adopt him, read here or see sidebar under ‘How to adopt’.

Can’t adopt? We might need to hold on to Lenny for a long time, so food and litter donations WILL help, as will financial contributions to our Boarding Fund. To give food and litter, see here. To give financially, see here.

And oh yes, please spread the word! Lenny is a special cat whose story needs to be told, and he really deserves a forever home.

Give financially to our cause by depositing to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7    
Sponsor a foster kitten’s vaccination through our Sponsor-A-LoveKuching-Cat Scheme  
Give food and litter at charity rates through our corporate sponsor The Water Dish 

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