Stray Cat Fund balance

As of today our Stray Cat Fund has reached 3 cats in need of critical care: Calipod, the Teban Gardens cat, and Balloon.

The Stray Cat Fund serves 2 purposes.The first is to carry out rescue of stray cats that are critically ill or injured, by transporting them to the vet and getting them treatment. The second purpose of the Stray Cat Fund is to pay for veterinary expenses that are incurred by rescued stray cats we foster that require critical, intensive care until they pass on or can be released back to their territory.

As of today, here is the Stray Cat Fund’s balance: Total expense stands at $742.19. Total income raised via financial contributions direct to the Stray Cat Fund stands at $660.00. We opened the Stray Cat Fund at $200.00. This leaves us with $117.81 at present.

Yes, the Stray Cat Fund is no longer in the red! Thank you cat angels who have given to this fund – it means a lot to the stray cats in need.

With this balance of $117.81 however, we are ill-equipped to carry out the next stray cat rescue. Ideally, the float for the Stray Cat Fund should be at around $400.00 for emergency stray cat vet expenses. So please remember us in your month end giving!

(We have another stray cat arrival in our foster home named Cooky who lost the flesh off a toe in a construction site accident. Now rehabilitating, His story soon!)

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