What happens during a regular vaccination vet visit

Our own cats go for their vaccinations once in two years, during then the vet also does a check-up to make sure everything is a-ok. Not all vets include a check-up with the vaccination; some vets jab and go, so do get a vet that does the check-up as well. Last December Scooter went for his visit to Dr Dawn Chong our favourite vet at The Animal Clinic.

[Photos taken by Furry Photos]

Dr Chong examines Scooter on the exam table

We do the core vaccination, which is the one for the flu’ strains and parvovirus.  It can be done once in 3 years as well, but we do it a bit more frequently because of our cats’ exposure to rescue cats in the foster home. Once a year is too often for most cats.

Stuff that your vet will check, kitties!

Teeth and gums
Ears, mainly for mites and yeast
Heart and lungs
Digestive system, mainly for obstructions
Lymph nodes
Limb rotation to check joint health

Then Scooter gets his jab.

The vaccination is a subcutaneous injection, not much pain
Vaccination booklet will be updated

Protip: your cat hates going to the vet? Place the carrier in common areas of the home, door open or removed, so he can hide in it anytime. Come time to go to the vet, he will not associate the carrier with going to the scary place known as the vet. At the waiting area, do not take your cat out to stroke or hug, altercations might happen with the dogs and the clinics are not liable for any injuries that occur this way.

Some people do titre tests for their pets before re-vaccination. If you are doing vaccinations once in 3 years it usually is not necessary. If you do want to get a titre test (to check if the cat is still immune to the diseases hence no need for re-vaccine) not all vet clinics do it, we hear Animal Recovery Centre has the facilities.

If you have any more questions about vaccination visits to the vet, ask! You can get us here (comment or Formspring), Twitter @luvkuching.

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