New Wellness canned food range

Cubed or minced meat in gravy. (Also available sliced.)

Our corporate sponsor @TheWaterDish gave us the new Wellness range of canned foods to try. The kitties love it! The humans weigh in on the pros and cons of this new range of Wellness wet food.

Gravy. A lot of cats like gravy but find that there isn’t much choice in the canned food department that comes with a lot of gravy. In fact, some resort to giving Whiskas pouch food from supermarkets because of the gravy, and we know Whiskas contains far too much salt that it is unhealthy. The new Wellness range comes with gravy but is far healthier! Cats that love gravy can eat and be healthy.

Palatability. No the humans didn’t actually try it but the foster cats did and they really took to the range. All the formulas, be it tuna, turkey, chicken or salmon. They seem to have no preference over the cubed or minced variety and sometimes we fed it to them mixed. Balloon, who was initially very fussy over his canned food, which we needed him to eat because his meds or supplements were mixed inside, and also because his medication makes him need to consume more water, really liked this range too. Considering he used to eat fried ikan kuning fish, this was testament that the food passed taste testing.

Downside is probably one ingredient that some cat nutrition folks will disapprove of: natural flavour. The argument is that we do not know how this flavour is derived,. Another downside is that for a small can, $2.50 makes it less affordable than our favourite go-to brands for economical reasons: Addiction 185gm and Nutripe. But for those who like not having leftover canned food that needs to be stored in the fridge till the next meal, the new Wellness range is an ideal size. For a single meal a day, one can is just nice, for a smaller meal, half a can per cat.

Our most particular favourites are the cubed turkey and salmon, and minced tuna. and here you go, another new range of cat food to try!

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