We sterilised 7 stray cats from Pasir Ris during the last week of March. One cat was from a residential area and the other 6 were from Pasir Ris beach. We discovered a cluster of cats that no one has been sterilising at all at the beach. All the cats were returned to their original territories after neutering. They were boarded longer post-surgery as one of the Pasir Ris caregivers instructed (she paid the extra boarding fees). Here are the 7 cats we helped sterilise!

If you would like to help pay for the sterilisations of these 7 cats, you can make a financial contribution to our Sterilisation Fund by depositing into our POSB savings account 188-52652-7 and email us to indicate that your gift is towards sterilisation of stray cats.

Should you encounter any colony of stray cats that are not neutered (neutered strays have a tipped left ear) do inform us so we can help. Sterilised stray cats cause less nuisance and drive away unsterilised cats from the neighbourhood so the colony doesn’t grow.

Make a financial gift via a deposit to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7. Find out more.  
Become a monthly giver to help ensure our rescues continue getting their needs met.  
Feed and provide litter to the cats we foster via our corporate sponsor The Water Dish.   
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