We are still waiting for the right families to adopt Echo, Sunkist, Ebi, Cooky and Cubby. 130515_Sunkist_002 130515_Cooky_005 130515_Cubby_001 130515_Cubby_002

Cubby will soon need to freeroam if she gets bigger before finding a loving family. This will make the freeroaming kindle of kitties a size of 5 cats. When this number goes down to 4, we can allocate one slot to a rescue kitten that might need it – the healthiest and most ideal kindle size is 4. Of late we have been turning away – all – kittens for rescue and rehoming because current adoption rates cannot support the intake numbers. We secretly hope that you can help change this. Adopt one of our rescue kitties today, and in doing so make us able again to take in rescue kittens for rehabilitation and rehoming. Until then, please foster and rehome any rescue kittens in dire need on your own; anyone can rise up and foster and you won’t know till you try! You can always ask us for advice on what to do if ever you have questions on the fostering process. As for cats that don’t need rehoming because they can return to the streets when rehabilitated or because our foster home will be their last stop on earth, yes we currently have the capacity for them. If you need help with a sick or injured stray cat, contact us.

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