New Temporary Student Volunteer!

Hello everyone!

This month of June, something (slightly) new will be happening at Love Kuching: They have gotten a new temporary student volunteer, me!


This is me. ^ At that moment, I was getting distracted by the adorable Sunkist who came straight up to me and requested a petting 😉

Okay, let me formally introduce myself: My name is Ashley, and I am currently a Secondary Two student, who came to Love Kuching, wanting to do something productive yet meaningful during the one-month June Holiday that most (if not all) students get. So, I decided to volunteer at a place that really would benefit me in many ways, and after much sleuthing, I found Love Kuching. (and was really thick-skinned to pester Elaine to let me volunteer >< Sorry Elaine!) I  thought that I could take away at least five things from this stint at Love Kuching:

#1: I could benefit a cause that I love.
 Love Kuching is really about helping cats, and benefiting the welfare of the cats, a cause which I really support as I, myself have two darling cats at home:

 Here’s a diagrammatic representation that i made of my cats (on a science book no less)

 And, helping Love Kuching means helping more cats! whats not to love about that 😀

#2: I could learn new skills.
At Love Kuching, I was exposed to some new things like how to do admin work, how to better take care of cats… the possibilities are abundant. All these new-found skills have helped me to be a wiser person, as well as a better ‘mommy’ to my kitties! I even got a service learning journal so that this experience could be more meaningful!

#3: I could meet like-minded (aka cat crazy) people:
I could meet, and interact with new people, and might even end up making lasting friendships as we bonded over our mutual cat-appreciation! And I did! On one of my volunteer slots, I met many people who were very nice, and we ended up sitting around, chatting, playing with the cats, and swapping funny cat stories after we had finished our work!

#4: I could get CIP points.
In case of any parents worrying that I could be using the time spent volunteering to study, I could just tell them that I was getting CIP points! In my secondary school, you have to spend at least 100 hours on volunteering, to be able to subtract two points from your O-level score. So by volunteering, you are benefiting your future score!

And #5: I get to interact with kitties!

 There are nine cats at Love Kuching’s Foster Space, (and although I only saw some as they were shy), most of them are very sociable, welcoming and friendly!

I really enjoyed my volunteering time so far, and I hope that after my time is over, that I can find some more time to volunteer!

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