In line with our long term goals into 2014 with includes incorporation, salaries and volunteer management, we have launched an independent crowdsourcing campaign to test the donor market to find out how to budget for employee benefits in 2014. This campaign will require actual contributions from the public in order to determine the budget for 2014.

We need your help in doing two things. First: go to the campaign page and gauge your response. If you feel it is apt to give, weigh how much you believe to be fair, and click the contribute button to give via your credit card. Second: share the campaign with your social circle using the share buttons on the campaign page. Because this is a survey of public opinion, we need this campaign to go out as wide as possible.

This will help us plan better for 2014, not only in terms of budget, but in a larger picture, how much greater we should grow in our cat rescue work, and at what pace. We appreciate you responding to this campaign!

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