[Update Sept 2013: Gale has been adopted]
[Update Nov 2014: Garry went missing and has not been successfully trapped and brought back to the foster home]

Most recent picture of Gurly 🙂

Gurly is a sweet, purring, cuddly cat that is very shy and reserved. She loves older brothers as companions and would do best in a home with existing older sibling cats.

Gurly is a slim and petite cat

She has a small curved tail, is small in size and very kitten-like. She loves snoozing by (safe) windowsills and is actually very greedy!

Gurly used to be very close to her brother Garry (see below) but they ran out of the foster home one day and we could only find Gurly and bring her home safely. We have since then many weeks after found Garry residing in a drain nearby but he no longer recognises us and we are trying once again to regain his trust by feeding him whenever we can sight him. He hides in a drain at the next block, only coming out in the wee hours of the night. Since then, Gurly has gotten used to being without Garry even though she used to be very close to him. We believe it is because she still has older foster siblings here to accompany her.

She should ideally be adopted by a family that already has a cat. She is very submissive and respectful of older foster siblings here and will not be difficult to introduce to a household with older cats. Otherwise, she is just as contented getting her hugs from humans when she meows for them.

3 siblings rescued from abandoment in Geylang near Guillemard and now rehabilitated from sickness need foreverhomes! they were found with flea bites, flu’ and diarrhoea, and are now completely recovered. Have been vaccinated, vet-checked, dewormed, and of course litter trained, socialised and able to eat solid food on their own. They are currently 3 months old.




Garry needs to be adopted with his closest sister Gurly as both are very playful and need to play with each other. Gale is less mischievous and is more of a cuddly girl that is satisfied with human companionship like purring on laps and being cuddled.

Garry is a hyperactive boy who enjoys play very, very much. A bit wilful but can be affectionate when he realises the humans around him love him. Gurly is like the female version of him, equally active, but more obedient and ready for cuddles. Garry is closer to her than Gale is because Gurly is able to match his speed and intensity for play. She is the greedier one compared to her brother, absolutely fun to feed.


Gale is the sweet one in the litter. She likes cuddles and is a lapcat that’s good with humans of all kinds and ages. She has the absolutely cutest ET-like face! She is also fun to feed and likes chicken. She walks around the foster home exploring like a tiny boss and loves to climb. She will be good for those who like quieter kittens that require less work.

All three of them get along well with older cats. They love their older foster siblings and won’t take it to heart even when some of the older ones take a while to warm up to them. They are also okay with kids and are gentle. They love to play wrestle with one another, wand toys and playing on their own – soccer with toy balls and mice is okay for them especially the girls.

To adopt Garry and Gurly, or Gale, see right side bar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here. You will need to contact us with quick answers to 9 questions and after approval will be able to visit them with your whole family.

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