Marukan Dry Shampoo – Grooming Powder


We used to rely on Rudducks grooming powder for post shower drying and brushing as well as to keep white fur pristine, but it is no longer distributed in Singapore.

Then we discovered a product for small animals like rabbits. Marukan dry shampoo is a great substitute. We use it after baths, by sprinkling it under fur and brushing it out with a soft bristle brush. Smells great, very absorbant of moisture and odour. Which means it is also a great powder for use after a simple grooming with baby wipes for small messes. Cats cannot shower more often than once in 2 weeks so it is great for in between times especially when it comes to kittens who are naturally dirtier. Baking soda will work well for smell and moisture absorption but it makes fur clump, whereas the Marukan version is fine and leaves no residue. Talc-free, no allergic reactions from the cats here after use.

We bought ours from Pets Republic at Lorong L Telok Kurau opposite our vet The Animal Clinic.

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