2 Hougang stray kitties

Here are Luo Han Guo (monk fruit) and Petite from Hougang, two stray cats that needed critical veterinary attention but did not have the funds for help. We stepped in and got them to the vet.

Luo Han Guo previously suffered an abscess that burst and required stitches. Because his caregivers did not have the funds to get him surgery, his abscess got worse. He is now on antibiotics and surgery has been scheduled for 17 Sept.

His caregiver was able to foster him before his surgery and will also do the same for his post-surgical rehabilitation before he returns to the streets.

We hope his surgery will be successful; the vet is worried that because the wound is large, stitches may not hold. Post-surgical recovery will be critical. We have provided his caregiver with supplements to help him recover as well as he can.

Petite was found not eating well and presented signs of gum disease. Upon examination at the vet, it was found she had gingivitis, and was given antibiotics and steroids. She was then rehabilitated at her caregiver’s home till she got better and had been able to. She is now back at her territory and eating again. She will probably need pain and inflammation management over the long term, so we made sure we got enough meds to help tide her over should she stop eating again.

Know of stray cats whose feeders/caregivers are unable to fork out funds for emergency veterinary care? Contact Elaine at 90880675 / elaine@lovekuchingproject.org. Even if we cannot foster the cats ourselves, we can help get them started on veterinary care if you are able to foster them.

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