Pretty Peyton from SPCA [@SPCA_sg]

As part of our ongoing rehabilitation of sick or injured cats from SPCA, we received Peyton on 18 September.

Peyton is a stray cat rescued by SPCA from Novena area, found with wounds on her abdomen. She also had fur mites (mange). She is a pretty semi-longhaired girl who is quite greedy and vocal.

She was given a course of Clavulox antibiotics and we had to apply topical medication for her as well. Right now her mange fur loss is much better already, and her tummy wounds have scabbed over. She has completed her oral meds, and we are applying the meds on her tummy still. She is also on supplements for pain and healing, including vitamin B, curcumin and omega 3.

We will return her to SPCA when her wound is 100% healed. SPCA will get her neutered (she has no tipped ear or tattoo) and possibly rehome her, else return her to Novena area where she was.

We will post her progress on our social media channels, follow us to follow her journey to full recovery!

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