Conclusion of TNR sterilisation project at Changi Road

Last Sunday we went for the final time to the abandoned orphanage off Changi Road where adjacent to it is a back alley behind some shops. We trapped and neutered 3 cats. This brings makes a total of 7 cats sterilised and returned, including the 4 from the first round.

A consolation is that these 3 cats were from the rooftops of the shops, where they have been receiving food scraps daily from the second floor residents who throw food on the roof for them. They almost never come down, and we failed trapping any of these rooftop cats till now.

This Changi Road TNR project cost a total of $500.26. We should be using our Sterilisation Fund to pay this expense but it is in much deficit, hence we borrowed from our Stray Cat Fund which is meant for emergency and critical care veterinary expenses for stray cats, not sterilisation. 

After this project, we are going to Eunos industrial estate where at least 12 cats there need sterilisation, likely more. We are still appealing for funds to help alleviate the deficit caused by these 2 projects.

How you can help: 
Make a deposit to our Sterilisation Fund. HOW: Using internet banking, ATM or Cash Deposit Machines, make a deposit of any amount to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7, thereafter email us to indicate you have given for sterilisation expenses.

Sterilisation of stray cats helps in the following ways: alleviate overpopulation crisis, improve health of stray cats, reduce unwanted behaviour that usually triggers complaints or abuse by nearby humans. There are too many kittens born in colonies like these where stray cats go unsterilised: help us make a difference from ground zero.

Don’t forget to spread the word! The blog post that links to the Eunos industrial estate TNR funds appeal is here:

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