Connor from SPCA [@SPCA_sg]

Connor is a handsome silver tabby British Shorthair cat we are fostering for SPCA. He took over Peyton’s place, as part of an ongoing foster partnership we have with SPCA. He has a bite wound on his side, and came to us with some flu’ symptoms as well. He has been healing well, and when he does, will return to SPCA where no doubt if slated for adoption will be easily rehomed.

We apply Duoderm gel on his wound to help speed up the healing process and as you can see it is almost closed. Normally we would also feed him supplements but he is not keen on canned food at all, let alone with supplements added, so the healing is a bit slower. He has already completed his antibiotics course, no more flu’ symptoms too.

He is a very charming cat except when our almost-as-large resident males, Scooter, Sealy and Scotty go near him, then he starts growling away in protest. Otherwise he is very easy-going, like a big teddy bear.

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