TNR update at Changi Road abandoned orphanage

We have made 2 trapping visits to this location so far, and we are going for the third and final time this Sunday morning.

Humane cat traps

This cat allowed human contact

During our first attempt we trapped, neutered and returned 4 cats without mishap.


On the day we returned the cats after their surgeries, we conducted a second round of trapping at the same time. There were 4 cats immediately present and we trapped 2 successfully. We explained to shop tenants who were observing us that we were going to neuter them to stop the cats from caterwauling and spraying urine, and they were very appreciative.

Luring the cats out of their hiding places with food

However, one of the restaurant tenants there suddenly appeared and proceeded to tamper with the traps before we could transfer the cats to their carriers for transport. We tried to stop him from releasing the cats from the traps but he got into a physical altercation with us and managed to release one cat even after we explained fully what we were doing.

Due to the violent reaction from this tenant, we called the police, and through their mediation, he was forced to admit that he should not have gotten into a fight with us. We did not want to press charges against this man, and told the police all we wanted was to sterilise the remaining cat. Unfortunately, this man was adamant, saying that he would take the cats home and get them sterilised himself. We had to release the other cat already trapped.

We told the police that we would return again to trap the cats we missed. If the same 2 cats were still there we would take the cats to sterilise, no more compromises.

This cat saw what happened and bolted

We have arranged the last trapping attempt, scheduled for this Sunday 13 Oct morning at 8 am. We probably will not be able to get all the remaining cats neutered as there are about 3 cats that live on the roofs of the shophouses and refuse to come down despite our efforts. We will try our best to trap the rest who are there this Sunday morning.

If you wish to give towards the cost of sterilising the cats here at Changi Road, make a deposit of any amount to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7 and thereafter email us to indicate that you have given towards our Sterilisation Fund.

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