Tuna and Timon from somewhere near a dustbin in Tuas

Nadiah and her friend rescued these two babies who were found motherless at about 5 days old, near a dustbin. They tried to hand feed them kitten milk, but they rejected it. Tuna and Timon came over to ours where we hoped Celine would be willing to be their foster mom.

When they were first rescued

It wasn’t too straightforward a process at first. The kittens weren’t too able to latch on, while Celine’s own hyperactive kittens kept trying to play with their new foster siblings. We isolated Celine and the two babies and finally they drank from her. After a few times of doing this, the kittens got the hang of it.

Suckling on their foster mom

Despite having a new mom who was still lactating, the kittens remained very skinny. So we supplemented them with extra kitten milk, colostrum, vitamins, to help give nature a boost.

Supplementing them with extra milk, supplements

Celine’s kittens are at the age where they don’t need much of mother’s milk anymore, so she has time to focus on the new babies. Their cat suite is very overcrowded with 6 kittens and a mother cat, and we hope to upgrade them to a double story suite as soon as space is available.

Doing what baby kittens do: sleep
Tuna is the more lively one
Timon is a bit weak still

These little ones are now 3+ weeks old and can soon be dewormed. We are a bit worried about Timon who is apart from being skinny, showing third eyelids, indication of illness. Otherwise the basic vitals are okay. Will be keeping extra eyes on this one.

We hope they pull through; exciting journey ahead that is eating on own, playing with their foster siblings and each other, learning to use the litter tray, and then being made available for adoption. Keep your paws crossed for them!

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