TNR on Thursday, 8:30pm

We will be heading to Sims Drive for to sterilise an estimate of 6 stray cats there this week. 

There are actually 2 separate colonies of cats in this area, one near an abandoned building, and the other roaming the HDB void decks. 

This is the abandoned building, where there are about 4 cats. 

4 cats spotted here, possibly more
2 of 4 cats spotted


1 of 3 tuxedos


A wary tuxedo hid away…

At the residential area, there are 2 cats at least, that need neutering. At the time of the recces our Sterilisation Volunteers conducted, one mother cat still was nursing kittens and so could not be neutered. She is now ready. They hide in a drain.

Kittens skittish, mom food motivated
This cat may “belong” to someone

At one of the void decks our Sterilisation Volunteers spotted a scaredy-cat that runs to the second floor for safety, raising suspicion that it is actually a cat that an irresponsible owner allows to roam.

The third cat is a tortoiseshell. 

And we hope that the 6 we saw are all there are, because this would mean just one round of TNR needed. Thursday trap, Friday neuter, Saturday return. And a peaceful neighbourhood once again, with a damper on the cat overpopulation crisis we have in urban Singapore.

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